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Augmented telemedicine accessible for all

The ultimate tool for remote general practice

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A unique solution


Combines the 5 tools of the general practitioner

Easy to use to guarantee medical time

A business model aligned with the ecosystem

Integrates with telehealth solutions

Doc2U integrates with the patient pathway to facilitate access to care

Local care organization

  • Optimize the management of unscheduled and scheduled care
  • Facilitate access to medical resources in your area
  • Streamline your patients’ care pathway

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Company and Insurance provider

  • Offer an innovative health service to your staff
  • Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism
  • Boost your company’s brand

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  • Provide a new service to your patients
  • Strengthen your ties with local health care providers
  • Diversify and increase your income

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Health care facility

  • Secure your patients’ discharge by monitoring them at home
  • Access medical resources without geographical constraints
  • Promote continuity of care

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Augmented teleconsultation solutions for pharmacies

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Everything you need for a reliable remote medical exams


Blood pressure



Oxygen saturation


Heart rate

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Toulouse : Bientôt une « cabine de téléconsultation qui tient dans la main » pour aller chez le médecin tout en restant à la maison ?

Doc2u facilite l`examen physiologique en télémédecine avec la qualité du présentiel

Doc2u permet l`examen médical à distance en temps réel, “comme en cabinet“

Doc2u, la jeune pousse toulousaine qui veut prendre soin de la télémédecine


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